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Yellow.  But not just any yellow, the vintage Christmas yellow from the 1950s. To say that I LOVE Christmas is an understatement.  I really am like Buddy The Elf.


In 2013, my grandma told me to take some vintage ornaments from her attic, and I was excited. I love all of them! I consulted Pinterest to find a fun idea to display them...I found a wreath! I made a wreath, it is awesome, and it hangs in my living room year-round. 

This wreath led to making others and eventually to putting some into an artisan store in Columbus, Ohio. The rest has been an adventure that allowed me to quit my job and share my newly found love of wreath making with others.  I've met some amazing (and some not so amazing) people along the way. 

My business has grown in many ways since I began and I have loved (almost) every minute of it. I have a tiny army of friends and family that help me in many ways. From cutting styrofoam, folding felt, driving around selling at craft shows, to shipping packages; they help with it all. 

Even after 7 years, I still love to watch people’s faces light up when they see my wreaths at craft shows. I have so many repeat customers – “I must be doing something right.” 


Each one is handmade with love!

I grew up in Westerville, Ohio, and have lived in the Buckeye State for my entire life.  I have a degree in forensic chemistry and recently graduated with an MBA. 

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