Attend A Party:     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER   *Unless otherwise noted


*** Tuesday, May 24th 2022

       6pm - 9pm (May be finished sooner)

@ Marble Cliff Commons

     2828 Marblevista Blvd. 

     Columbus, OH 43204

*** Sunday, June 12th 2022

      1pm - 4pm (May be done sooner)

Peace for Paws Ohio Fundraiser

@ Zaftig Brew Pub

     119 E. 5th Ave. 

     Columbus, OH 43201


Host A Party:

$50 Deposit:

• Deposits are refundable (less CC processing fee) if you cancel your party more than 10 days before the party date. 

• Please only pay a deposit if you have a confirmation from Kate for your party date. 

• If you have fewer than 8 paying participants, you must pay for the minimum number of guests

Party Info:

Party times range from 2-3 hours depending on the style of wreath

• Most wreaths (excluding OSU) are custom and will vary depending on materials available at each party – please explain to guests that images shown are samples and options may vary

• Any wreath with bulbs or miscellaneous items (typically Christmas) cannot be used outside

• Felt and burlap wreaths are best displayed inside or on an outside door with at least a small overhang – direct exposure to wind, sun, rain, etc. may cause damage. Spraying with fabric protector (like Scotchguard) may help preserve your wreath