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  • Why can’t I have a wreath exactly like what is shown in the sample pictures?
    Kate prides herself on the custom aspect of each wreath and wants every one to be fun and unique! Because she does not purchase identical supplies, each wreath will vary depending on what is available when the wreath is created. However, we do assure that every wreath will be a quality creation – handmade with love by Kate or you at a party!
  • Can I get a team wreath with custom colors or shapes?
    Yes, we can provide this option within the limits of available supplies. Sometimes custom colors or signs will require a $5-10 price change, but Kate will make sure that is clear when you make your wreath/party request.
  • Can I hang these wreaths outside?
    Certain styles of wreaths are not recommended to be outside. Any wreath with bulbs or miscellaneous items (typically Christmas) cannot be used outside because cold weather will cause damage. Felt and burlap wreaths are best displayed inside or on an outside door with at least a small overhang – direct exposure to wind, sun, rain, etc. may cause damage. Spraying with a fabric protector like Scotchgard™ may help preserve your wreath.
  • Can I use my own ornaments/decorations?
    We bring all the needed supplies to create your wreath to parties and have everything needed to make your custom order. However, if you have ornaments that are particularly sentimental to you, you are welcome to bring them and we will help incorporate these into your wreath.
  • Can I have a free host wreath if I'm hosting or attending a fundraising event?
    Kate donates her time, talent, and profits to facilitate fundraising events supporting local communities. As such, Kate does not offer free host wreaths to hosts or attendees of local fundraising events at this time.
  • How many people can I have at a party?
    You can have as many as you have space for. The minimum number is 8 guests and with 8 paying guests the host’s wreath is free (making 9-total including the host, limit one per party).
  • How do I reserve a date for a party?
    Contact Kate (via text, email, or Facebook) and confirm the date you would like to reserve. Then use the $50.00 party booking deposit using the link on our Party Information page.
  • What happens if 8 people said they would come to the party and then they cannot make it?
    In this case the host has a few options: 1) You can choose to cancel (and lose the $50.00 deposit if not 10 days prior to party) or 2) You can choose to hold the party and you are responsible to meet the minimum 8-person wreath cost ($280-360).
  • Can I get a kit for a friend who wants to make a wreath but cannot come to the party?
    No, we do not provide kits due to licensing and quality control policies we maintain.
  • Can I have a party with multiple wreath types?
    To ensure all the required materials can be brought to each location, parties are limited to one theme but typically each theme has limited variations. Kate will work with you when selecting your party date and theme to provide what you are looking for the best of our ability.
  • How soon do I need to know how many people are attending my party and what variation they want to make?
    We need an estimated attendance/variation count one week before the party and then a final attendance/variation count three days before the party to ensure we have all the needed supplies.
  • How long do the parties last?
    This varies depending on the type of wreath being made and the size of your group. Parties range from 2-3 hours in length.
  • Where can I have a party?
    Private parties are typically held at individual homes and Kate will come there. However, some parties have been held in public spaces: community center rooms, country clubs, local bar/pub rooms, etc. Any place that you can find the space, we will come and wreath with you and your friends.
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